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FCC Licensing

FCC Licensing Services:

Nashville Comm can take care of ALL your FCC licensing requirements. We can assist you with new applications, renewals, re-locations and modifications. We will be glad to help you with all FCC Licensing requirements. We’ve been managing licenses like yours for many years. We can take care of all your FCC Licensing, even if you didn’t purchase your radios through us.


In January 2013, the FCC implemented new requirements that mandated most VHF and UHF licensees make use of narrowband channels. This required some businesses to purchase new equipment, while others had us simply modify their equipment. Either way, a license modification was required to show that this was done. The old wide-band emissions designators (e.g. 20K) should have been removed from your FCC licenses. If you aren't sure you have completed these narrow banding requirements, simply contact us and we’ll audit your equipment and let you know if any of your equipment is out of compliance. The FCC is enforcing this new requirement by not allowing you to renew your FCC license unless your equipment is narrowband compliant. They could also fine operators of non-compliant systems.

Have further questions on either FCC Licensing or Narrowbanding? Contact a specialist at Nashville Communications today.


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