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Nashville Communications Company News

Nashville Communications held a summer sales internship program. The students that participated in this program (McCain Marrow, Elon Smallwood, and Logan Jordan) reached out to over 300 customers in their time here; focusing mainly on solutions for the education system. They participated in sales meetings, created brochures and met face to face with their target customers. We had special guest, Alex Jordan of Stryker, come in and share his professional journey, encouraging the students to never settle, always be better and build personal relationships with your customers.

Summer Sales Internship

These students are transitioning to college in Fall of 2017:

Elon - to play basketball at Tusculum

McCain - attending Auburn University

Logan - attending Alabama University

We hope that the situations and responsibilities we have introduced them to this summer will give them a head start of the challenges and changes they will face in their next four years. We are excited to see how far they will go.



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