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Radio Engraving

Engraving is an effective method to identify and keep track of radio equipment. If equipment is ever lost or stolen, engraving can make it easier to recover the items. With many fonts and colors, Nashville Communications offers personalization options for all of your wants and needs.

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Engraving Work

Benefits of engraving your radio:

  • Effective technique to keep track of equipment
  • Provides accountability when assigning specific equipment to specific employees
  • Helps monitor the amount of equipment in stock
  • Method of advertising company name/information


NashComm recommends the available font options below.

Other fonts available upon request.

Baskerville Baskerville Engraved Font Gothic Gothic Engraved Font
Block Block Engraved Font Helvada Helvada Engraved Font


Nashville Engraved Radios

Engraving Pricing Costs:*

  • 1-5 Units = $35
  • 6-25 Units = $28
  • 26-100 Units = $21
  • Over 101 Units = $14

*Engraving terms and conditions apply.
Flat rate pricing is applicable to alphanumeric characters only.
Custom logos or imprints require a special pricing.
Reach out to a representative for further information.


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