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When lives are on the line or business continuity is jeopardized have the peace of mind that your dispatchers have the best tools available to quickly respond. Our dispatch communication solutions provide the reliable connectivity and robust functionality to ensure everyone gets home safe.

  • Dispatch Consoles
    Designed for both critical and non-critical use, this portfolio has the features you need to react instantly, mobilize a fleet or keep teams informed.
  • Fire Station Alerting Systems
    Advance response and safety of teams, equipment and infrastructure to save lives and property threatened by fire — from first alert to final dispatch.
  • Voice Logging Recorders
    Seamlessly retrieve audio and data from radio and telephony communications so you can recreate the communications around an incident.
  • Dispatch Console Accessories
    With equipment ranging from conventional to full-featured, you’ll find peripherals that help your team effortlessly manage dispatch operations.
  • 911
    In these changing times we face new challenges, beyond responding to a mobile society and adapting next generation technology. The vesta solutions ensure call takers have the functionality they need to save seconds and save lives, Look to Vesta to help you gain greater efficiencies, streamline workflows, and reduce risk.
    • VESTA® NG9-1-1 call routing and ESInet
      Take control of your NG9-1-1 future with end-to-end managed services including call routing, ESInet, location services, GIS services, cybersecurity and 24/7 NSOC dedicated to public safety.
  • Mass Notification
    To keep your people connected when it matters most, you must have fast, reliable electronic mass notification technology. Hundreds of public and private organizations, as well as some of the biggest government security organizations in the world trust Motorola Solutions’ Mass Notification to deliver emergency communications during critical moments.

    Ally’s mass notification capabilities get critical information to the right people quickly and accurately. Using the same security software for your incident management and your mass notification, you save money and streamline your critical operations.

    **Select individual names or groups of people using simple drop down menus
    • Select modality of communication (SMS, Email, Voice) or choose all to ensure message is seen immediately
    • Access and download confirmation report for reporting and audit trail
  • SmartPTT
    Enterprise provides voice dispatching, voice recording, emergency management, radio location, job ticketing, texting, and more in a single software. This helps reduce ownership and maintenance costs. Provide communications between the dispatcher and remote radios. Make broadcast, group, private, remote monitor or emergency calls quickly using programmable shortcuts. When a radio user has an emergency, a fast and efficient response is imperative. SmartPTT helps dispatchers to reduce response times and respond appropriately to the emergency. 

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