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We Offer Intelligent Technology Ensuring Optimal Communication

Empowering employees with knowledge and tools in this competitive industry is paramount in elevating the experience and safety of guests.


64% of Enterprise workers responded that it is important to have instant, nationwide communication.


80% of hospitality workers use more than one device to communicate on the job.


60% of hospitality workers are using two-way radios are their primary form of communication.

  • Interconnecting all Departments of Operations
  • Safety and Security
  • Having access to every employee at the push of a button
  • Managing Vendors
  • Surveillance Records
  • Reputation Management

Two-way Radios

Communicate instantly with MOTOTRBO™ two-way radios for clear, robust communication to increase safety and efficiency.

PTT Applications

  • WAVE™ keeps your teams connected with instant nationwide communications
  • Incident management
  • Access incident information and dispatch management with Ally™ web-based security software

Video Management and Access Control

Trusted security solutions to protect your assets, guests and employees  

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