The affordable CP100d radios offer all the benefits of digital technology – up to 35% longer talk-time, twice the voice capacity in a 12.5 kHz licensed channel, wider radio coverage, and superior audio. In digital mode, your MOTOTRBO radio provides clearer voice communications throughout the coverage area than analog radios, rejecting static and background noise.

The CP100d Series is easy to use and makes it easy to migrate from analog to digital. Your radio users can operate and communicate on their new digital radios on the job, as your business transitions to digital technology. Accessory compatibility ensures you can reuse your inventory of battery, antennas, and chargers, further protecting your investments.

The CP100d Series radios meet demanding specifications, including IP54 for dust and water and U.S Military Standard 810C, D, E, F and G for exceptional durability. They also surpassed the Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) where they were subjected to simulation of 5 years of hard use in real life. These tests included drop, temperature shock, vibration, dust, ESD and humidity.