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NashComm Addresses Supply Chain Issues with Rentals

Companies across the globe have been struggling for the last year with supply chain issues for various products. One of those products, semi-conductors, is a key component in the batteries and radios for two-way communication. As a company, we’ve seen shipping delays go from a few weeks to a few months, to now just short of a year for some radios and batteries. We know this is extremely frustrating and inconvenient to our customers, so we’ve found a temporary solution to the problem.

Filling the Needs of Our Customers Through Radio Rentals

We started our process of addressing this issue by sending letters to our customers that had open radio orders explaining the situation and letting them know that we were working on a solution, but we knew that wouldn’t be enough to fill the void of their delayed equipment. So, for a temporary fix, we are offering the option of renting out radios at a nominal monthly fee from our rental fleet until the customer’s equipment comes in. Our current fleet has multiple different radio options and all of their accessories, and we can program them according to the customer’s needs.

These radios will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. The customer will be charged a monthly fee for the rental for each month they have the radios, and we will switch them out once the customer’s purchased radios come in. Please reach out to our office at 615-255-5670 or contact your Nashcomm sales executive to receive your rental quote!

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NashComm Addresses Supply Chain Issues with Rentals
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